Answers to frequently asked questions about our services.


Frequently asked questions

What do we have under cost engineering?

Cost engineering is controlling the cost of your project of maintenance work. We can help you from the start to the delivery of an assignment.

What is the difference between cost control and cost management?

These two terms are often used interchangeably. Quite simply, cost control is the budgeted and the actual costs. In cost management, this continues. Then you talk about all the activities that are covered in a project. Think of planning, budget, budget, finance, and project management.
Cost control is partly determined by good cost management.

What are the benefits of project management?

Because many factors influence a particular project, it can be difficult to stick to your project plan. Advantages of clear project control are:

  • Keeping total project costs low through effective decision-making (important to set up KPIs) costs and deadlines are increased
  • Better insights into the financial health of your project at all stages
  • Postponement of results
  • Higher margins
  • Increasing your results guarantees Increased employee satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage over project teams with those that don’t.

What is claim management

Also called claims management in Dutch. These are all the activities Tresviri does for you if you have suffered damage. Think of:
  • Intake of the damage report
  • What’s your damage cover?
  • Collecting all the necessary documents for your claim
  • Determine liability if several parties are involved.
  • Determine the amount of the damage and, if necessary, appoint a claims expert
  • Arranging damage repair
  • Complete report on the damage
  • Insurance fraud control


ARES PRISM is a software package that is used worldwide for projects. Tresviri is a representative for ARES PRISM.

What is PRIQS?

Project Registration Information and Quality System or PRIQS for short is a tool for controlling the correct information and certification in the field of Quality Control/Quality Assurance. When using PRIQS, the right information is always available for the implementation, planning, and inspection department. PRIQS actively indicates which certificates and other information are still missing.
PRIQS is used on projects within Tresviri.

Do you have specialists who can help me implement Ares Prism?

Our team consists of specialists in the field of PRISM software. You can contact them with all your questions.

Tresviri is the European partner for Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands.

What is project control?

Project control is the insight and control of a project to gain a clear insight into this. It is also called project control, measuring performance compared to the very first project plan. You are working from start to finish on managing a project.

What is procurement

Your purchasing department has a huge influence on costs, both positive and negative. They can cost you money, but they can also make money. All purchases from your organization must be made transparent. This is to contribute optimally to the organizational objectives. That is why it is good to regularly review your purchasing processes. Tresviri has developed the Purchasing Scan for this purpose. This scan offers you quick insight into the effectiveness of your purchasing department.

Why is purchasing management software important?

With a good software package, you get a better grip on your purchasing process and the associated costs.