Procurement Management

Purchasing as a core activity


Purchasing as a cost item? Contrary!

Many organizations delegate the purchasing activity to different employees. Purchasing is organized in a decentralised way and consultation is often omitted. Knowledge of purchasing is fragmented in the organization. As a result, misunderstandings arise and purchasing takes an unnecessary amount of energy. Thinking about strategic purchasing choices will hardly be done. 
There’s another way.

Focus on purchasing is simply missing

Purchasing as a core activity

Like no other, we can clearly explain the influence of purchasing on the operating result. The results are often astonishing. And motivate purchasing engagements to optimize this result.
Purchasing as a cost item? Contrary!
Let’s say your purchase volume in relation to your turnover is large, but hiring a purchasing professional is too heavy a burden on your overhead. Then the daily practice is that many employees provide assignments. This is not a major risk because the amounts per assignment are often small. And larger amounts always go in good consultation with the management team.
The question then is; what pitfalls arise?
The purchasing professional observes on a daily basis the following
  1. Financial authorizations are not or insufficiently recorded
  2. Each department has its own preferred suppliers
  3. Business is done with an (too) large number of suppliers
  4. We have multiple suppliers for every product and service
  5. Prices and conditions are not negotiated
  6. Checking invoices takes place little or no
  7. The employees and suppliers do not know your General Purchasing Conditions
  8. WKA legislation is not sufficiently taken into account when purchasing services
  9. Job separation is not applied
  10. Many purchase invoices have a value of < € 100,00
Just a list of some facts in many organizations described above. Without increasing fixed costs, there are solutions.
Tresviri offers these solutions.

De Tresviri Purchasing Scan

  • A Purchasing Professional takes stock of the current working method
  • The results are analyzed
  • Tresviri prepares a detailed report of its findings in the Tresviri Purchasing Scan®
  • On the basis of the results, a follow-up process is agreed according to the wishes of the customer


The Tresviri Purchasing Scan is settled for a fixed fee based on the number of invoices in the period to be examined. This way you know in advance what the costs of a complete purchase scan are. A partial purchase scan is also possible. Ask for our terms.

Tresviri a Purchasing Office

Tresviri takes care of your purchase for small amounts as a Purchasing Agency. Our working method is as follows:
  • Small orders are placed by your employees at Tresviri
  • Your employee lists order number, supplier, delivery date and address.
  • You can place by e-mail, whatsapp and possibly by telephone
  • Tresviri places the order with your supplier within 24 hours
  • Tresviri invoices a fee per invoices to be received by Tresviri
0 10 invoices per month = 10,00 per invoice
0 20 invoices per month = 8,00 per invoice
0 40 invoices per month = 6,00 per invoice
More than 40 invoices per month = 5,00 per invoice
  • Thinking of working out
  • Pre financing
  • Liability Risks

The purchase subscription

Tresviri offers you a purchase subscription. The purchase subscription consists of

  • A Purchasing Professional for a corresponding number of hours per month
  • If no or fewer hours are taken in a month, the resends will go with you to the next period
  • After a subscription year you have a notice period of one month
  • If at the end of a subscription, resending is left for a year, a Quick Scan will be drawn up and reported
  • Our Purchasing Professional can be used both in-House and at the office in Eelde
Tresviri scans your purchasing process and provides you with tools to make measurable, daily improvements, without having to mess up all your processes or organization.
Optimization of your result starts with purchasing.


Invite us for a non-committal conversation, then you take the first step towards improving your result. 
We are happy to come to you.

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