Piping en Mechanical Estimates

Quick calculation of your mechanical and piping package? No problem! The professionals of Trésviri Cost Engineering Solutions can prepare an accurate budget based on an MTO. Greenfield, Brownfield, turnaround, maintenance, we could make an accurate estimate. Read more

Cost Control

Good management reporting must take place on every project. Which way will it go with the (financial) result? Will there be exceedances, or will the predetermined result be achieved? The sooner there is insight into the final result, the sooner corrective measures can be taken (if necessary). The final result depends on many factors. Factors that cannot always be predicted and whose impact on the result is not always clear.

Claim Management

Every project has its changes. Changes in time, availability of materials, changes in scope of work, alignment of extra resources, etc. etc.

But what is the financial impact of these changes? How much does the efficiency decrease if you have to work in shifts? Or in overtime? What are the costs if changes occur suddenly? By extra work? What is the financial consequence if a part of the work increases strongly?