embracing circularity is imperative.


Necessity? Absolutely!

To maintain the Earth’s livability and mitigate resource depletion, embracing circularity is a necessity. Tresviri utilizes its expertise in cost management to apply the same principles to circularity. We make circularity quantifiable and transparent, with the aim of improving it. These steps represent our progress towards achieving a circular approach to business operations

Measurable and transparent

Making circularity measurable

Circularity, just like sustainability, has turned into a buzzword that organizations and businesses use frequently and sometimes carelessly. This can lead to skepticism among customers in various aspects. Therefore, there is a clear need for a process of professionalization. Making it quantifiable serves as the initial step in this journey, and this is an area where Tresviri possesses extensive experience. We have specific expertise in handling databases, working with extensive datasets, and presenting this data in a transparent and easily understandable manner for management purposes.

Defining circularity is a vital prerequisite for initiating a robust improvement process. Our focus centers on the following key aspects:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions (including CO2).
  • Material reuse.
  • Origin of raw materials.
  • Nutrient emissions (including nitrogen compounds).
  • Toxic substance emissions.
  • Water usage.
  • Investments in Social Capital

Management of emissions

To combat global warming, it is crucial to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. From a business perspective, reducing emissions to zero is also a necessity. Fossil fuel costs are continually increasing, emission allowance prices are sharply rising, and customer demands for emission reduction are actively growing. This movement is further supported by legislation, with regulatory pressures expected to intensify further.

Our approach to managing emissions involves establishing an emissions database, formulating a plan for legal cost reduction, and assessing the cost/benefit ratio for surpassing legal emission reduction targets. This approach ensures that emissions can be effectively reduced and accurately reported with the right information.

Making procurement processes circular

The fundamental step towards instilling circularity within businesses and organizations revolves around transforming their procurement processes. By adopting a circular approach in the acquisition of all products, services, and raw materials, a company or organization inherently becomes predominantly circular. This not only enhances the circularity of the entity itself but also elevates circularity throughout the entire supply chain. Tresviri has devised a method for making procurement processes more circular.

Our approach can be summarized as follows:

  • Surveying procurement flows and conducting an initial assessment.
  • Benchmarking the initial assessment against relevant product standards.
  • Focusing on circularity in alignment with the company’s or organization’s policies (emissions, raw materials, reuse, etc.).
  • Strategizing the integration of circularity optimization into the procurement process.
  • Heightening circularity requirements for suppliers.
  • Providing awareness and implementation training to seamlessly incorporate circularity into day-to-day operations.
  • Reporting on past achievements and future goals.

Conducting feasibility studies

For long-term investments, it’s essential to consider the costs associated with future legislation. Many projects are expected to extend beyond 2050, necessitating emissions reduction to zero. Additionally, raw material prices are projected to rise, and societal pressure for circularity will increase. Our expertise lies in cost forecasting for technical maintenance and projects. We can also incorporate circularity estimates for the entire life cycle of projects. This allows for anticipating future circularity developments when making investment decisions, thereby enhancing the chances of a successful project.

Awareness and application training

Circular working in businesses and organizations is becoming an increasingly prominent focus. However, it’s often perceived as more of a hobby for a few individuals within these entities. A strategically endorsed policy by the organization is essential to facilitate concrete progress in the realm of circularity.

Our training and workshops address the urgency of circular procurement, the organization’s influence on it, and the development of a strategy. We emphasize both the environmental and business-economic aspects in this context.


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Trésviri is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under 62508741, VAT number NL854845719B01.

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Trésviri is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under 62508741, VAT number NL854845719B01.

Copyright © 2023 Tresviri