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Currently, 10 people work for Tresviri Cost Engineering Solutions.

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By Ronald Lutjes:

In 2018 I started Tresviri Cost Engineering Solutions together with co-founder Ardi Anker. Now I look around with pride and see our professionals using their knowledge and expertise with our customers every day.
Henk Mulder and Dineke van der Weide support purchasing departments to guide and optimize the purchasing process.  
Rita Sterenberg, John Hoving and Kobus Swanepoel take care of the Controls project at leading clients. In addition, Kobus Swanepoel is the man who implements Ares Prism at customers.   
Business processes of work planners and estimators are optimized by Jeroen van der Zee and in addition, Jeroen helps with the in-house development of a complete work preparation system. A work preparation system that goes through the entire chain of pipe construction. From logistics to welding persecution. And from quality management to delivery.  
Casper Rossouw will join our team in July and become Project Manager of Project Controls Manager. Should your project start and you need a good Cost and Value Engineer? Or does the manageability of your project leave something to be desired?
Please contact us, Casper is available now.  
In order to ensure that everything is managed in the right direction, Yvonne Lamberts is our support at the back-office and Jolanda Lutjes takes care of our financial administration.  
Reading through this list gives me a huge feeling of pride but also of gratitude. Proud of this team and grateful that they want to contribute so much to the growth and ambitions of Tresviri Cost Engineering Solutions.  

Although building a business is different from calculating or budgeting a project, that process also entails many risks and uncertainties. Many of the trade-offs are made by feeling, but it is quite interesting to assess the growth of your company as a project and to look for tools to assess the trade-off from multiple points of view.

Curious why I am so proud of what we do for our customers? Can we do something for your project? Call me, I’d love to tell you about it with passion!  

Ronald Lutjes

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Some facts:

12+ jaren ervaring


Years experience

4 gecertificeerde cost engineers


  Certified Cost Engineers

5,5 waarde van de projecten (biljoen €)


  Value of projects (trillion €)

110 succesvolle projecten


  Successful projects

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