Every project has its changes. Changes in time, availability of materials, change of work, extra resources, etc etc. But what is the financial impact of all these changes?

  • How much does the efficiency decrease if you have to work in shifts? Or in overtime?
  • What are the costs if changes suddenly occur?
  • By extra work or reduction of the scope of work?
  • Or precisely when the scope increases sharply?
  • Or if the project goals are changing from a “Costdriven” project to a “Planning Driven?
  • If subcontractors do not deliver the performance you request from them?

Discussions about the consequences of these kinds of interventions are often pushed forward. Often the choice is made to finish the job before starting the discussion of the financial consequences.

And afterwards it is not easy to draw up an objective factsheet with cost impact.

We are regularly called in to make an estimate in advance or afterwards with the (estimated) costs that have or might be arise.

With the help of our independent report, parties can negotiate and solve this issieu before they go to court and loose a lot of money to lawyers

Because it is better to reach a settlement in good consultation than to bring each other to court.