Procurement support

Increase your profit? How do you do that?

To increase the profit of your company you immediately think of increasing your turnover. Why? If you increase your turnover, the profit will also increase, which is usually the first thought of the organization.

Have you ever thought about approaching it differently? From the purchasing side?
On the purchasing side, you may be able to achieve the same result with less effort.
Imagine that your company has a turnover of 1 million and a 5% margin. That means that those 1 million generate a profit of 50K.

If you now want to increase your profit by 20% to 60K, the sales department must realize a turnover of 1.2 Million, while the margin remains the same. Preferably realizing 200K more turnover to make 10K more profit.

But suppose that 50% of your turnover consists of purchasing, then you purchase 500K worth of products and services.
If you negotiate a discount of 2% with your suppliers, your profit will increase by 10K!

So, the sales department has to realize a turnover increase of 20% to achieve the same result that the purchasing department realizes with a reduction of 2% …

Are you curious as to what improvement we can realize for your organization?
Please contact us for a purchasing scan!
We will then analyze your purchasing activities and advise you on how to improve your turnover!

Do you not have a purchasing department because your organization is not big enough for that?
Our buyers are happy to support you in drawing up purchasing agreements, framework contracts, etc. And negotiate with your suppliers if desired. Just based on hours, you simply pay the time that is actually needed.

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