VIA 2021 software development

Tresviri Cost Engineering Solutions has the opportunity through SNN and the European Union to develop a lean work prescribing system for the industry.

Within industrial projects, there is no lean work finishing system that controls and digitizes all steps of the work process.

Tresviri Cost Engineering Solutions will develop a new system that manages all steps of the technical employee digitally as much as possible. From making a material extract, drawing up work packages, linking quality documents, and managing drawing revisions. But also the digital signing of delivery documentation by inspection bodies such as a NOBO (Loyds) of quality services. The new application will be web-accessible. Scalable and able to manage a large number of users and documents.

The package (PRIQS – Project Registration, Inspection and Quality System) is interesting for small to medium-sized industrial service providers. Most players in the market do not have a system but work with a collection of separate spreadsheets of documents. Tresviri Cost Engineering will develop this new system and offer it to the market parties. Tresviri Cost Engineering Solutions will also provide implementation, training, and supportive care. With the application being developed, our customers can work faster and more efficiently. It prevents human errors from arising from new revisions of drawings that are not added to work packages on time, but also from risky piping systems from being put into operation without meeting the required inspections and tests.

The above-mentioned activities have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the provinces of Groningen, Fryslân and Drenthe.

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