PRIQS (Pipe Registration Inspection and Quality System)

PRIQS (Pipe Registration Inspection and Quality System)

With PRIQS (Pipe Registration Inspection and Quality System) we deliver a Low Cost system that fits smaller business partners. With PRIQS you have control over your work preparation, work folder management, welding inspections, Certificate handling, Logistics etc.

Based on a open source database we have the flexibility to adapt the requested data to your needs. Reports can be quickly personalised so that approval from your customer or NOBO is tailored to the project demands.


Built by project staff for project employees

Unique in the market

A similar complementary system is not available in the market.


This and status of your project always available


For a small project but also for large to very large projects.

Low cost

Makes it available for every project.‚Äč

Extreme flexibel

Can be almost entirely adapted to the needs of your organization or project

1 system

All data in one system, so everyone works with the same data


So your data is available everywhere in the Cloud.

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