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For a job you always use the right tools!

 Unfortunately, project management often doesn’t work that way. To prepare and execute a project, the correct information must be available. This information should be presented quickly, accurately and in the correct format.  Within many projects, a project management tool is used or in extreme cases Microsoft Excel.

In many cases, the software used is too generic or not flexible enough. 

Tresviri offers the right tools for the right job


Integration of costs and planning gives a good picture of the status of the project and contributes to an accurate cost forecast. All this is realized with an automatic process. The correct information is retrieved from the planning software and the ERP system. The cost engineer can start his analysis after 1 push of a button. Due to the speed, the process is very efficient and the cost engineer can control more work.

Ares PRISM is a software package that is used for projects worldwide. Tresviri is a representative for Ares PRISM in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

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Project Registration Information and Quality System or PRIQS for short is a tool for controlling the correct information and certification in the field of Quality Control/Quality Assurance. When using PRIQS, the right information is always available for the implementation, planning, and inspection department. PRIQS actively indicates which certificates and other information are still missing.
PRIQS is used on projects within Tresviri. PRIQS is currently being prepared to deliver to third parties.

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CALQ is a flexible estimating program. To make a detailed estimate, installations are divided into the smallest possible elements (bolts and nuts level). These elements are associated with the time and material costs. The sum of this information results in the number of man-hours and material costs. Based on this, the project costs can be determined.
The benefits of CALQ:
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Several databases available
  • Databases include factors and possible inefficiencies
  • Soft factors can be added.
CALQ is used within Tresviri on projects. Calq is currently being prepared to deliver to third parties.


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