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Cost Engineering​

A good management report is important for every project. The sooner you understand the final result, the faster you can take corrective action. >>>> Read more

Costprice calculations

Based on MTO or detailed drawings, we estimate the cost price of a project. We also take care of the request packages for suppliers and subcontractors. >>>> Read more

Cost- en project control​

From the start of a project, we make the project costs transparent. Where necessary, we provide advice to prevent overruns and improve the result. We also take care of the request packages for suppliers and subcontractors. >>>> Read more

Claim management

We guide claims processes from making the claim transparent, making a contribution to resolving the claim situation to preventing a legal process from emerging. >>>> Read more


We use a special purchasing scan so that you quickly gain insight into the effectiveness of your purchasing department. >>>> Read more

Cost Engineering

Cost Control consists of controlling the costs of a project or maintenance work. Based on our philosophy, we take care of cost control from the start of an assignment until delivery.
Insight into costs Close-checking and correct cost insights are provided for the entire project cycle. Correct information Accurate forecasts and correct information are available at any time.   Right decisions

Right decisions

With cost analysis, stakeholders have information to make the right decisions:
  • Is there a real budget?
  • Are budget overruns expected?
  • the projected result under pressure?
  • Are there any changes to be expected in the way they are implemented?






The final result depends on many factors. Factors that are not always predictable or foreseeable and whose impact is not always clear. At Tresviri we believe that we should take all aspects into account.
For example, there is often discussion about more- less work.
A complete and detailed description of the work to be carried out is therefore essential.
Tresviri checks the job description if desired and ensures the necessary adjustments at the earliest stage. Our teams are trained and alert to improvements and “hidden” costs. Our employees are not necessarily “accountants” and “paper tigers”. We like to go outside in the work to “feel and smell” how the project is doing.
  • all deviations reported?
  • Is the progress reported from the field disturbing or not?
  • Is everyone working efficiently?
  • Are there any claims to be expected?
  • Is all the more and less work in the picture?
  • All work will be charged according to contract?

Costprice calculati0ns

Quick calculation of your mechanical and piping package?
No problem!
The professionals of Trésviri Cost Engineering Solutions can already make an accurate budget based on an MTO. Are ISO’s available? This allows us to make a detailed calculation in which different material specifications, painting specifications and the like are distinguished. You will receive (if you wish) a calculation with an MTO with which you can make analyses yourself and turn off any your material requests.

Cost & project control




Every project has its changes. Changes in time, availability of materials, change of working order, alignment of additional resources, etc. etc. 

But what is the financial impact of these changes?

  • How much does the efficiency decrease if you have to work shifts? Or in overtime?
  • What are the costs if suddenly changes occur? Through extra or less work?
  • What is the financial consequence if some of the work is lost?
  • Or especially if the scope increases considerably?
  • What if the project switches from a “cost-driven” project to a “time-driven” project?
  • If subcontractors don’t deliver the quality you ask of them?
Discussions about the consequences of this type of intervention are often advanced. We often choose “First deliver the work on time” or we will go around the table”. And in hindsight, it is difficult to draw up an objective factual account and quantify it. To calculate the costs that can be allocated to the resulting situations. There is often a robust discussion about the question of guilt.
We are regularly engaged to make a calculation in advance or afterwards with the (estimated) costs that have arisen. With the help of our independent report, parties can sit around the table to share these costs in good consultation. The relationship remains good and workable and offers room for future collaborations.
Because it is better to reach a settlement in good consultation than to “fight each other out of the tent”.




As a liquidator, do you represent a technical bankruptcy? 
Then you know the problem of “the state of the work” or the legality of a claim or counterclaim. We have knowledge of the technical working environment and can make an assessment of whether your claims or the counterclaims of other parties are lawful.
We will then investigate:

  • Are the contracts available?
  • Have the work been completed?
  • Are the delivery documents available?
  • Have agreements been made with regard to partial deliveries?
  • Are there warranty claims?
  • Are there schedules, progress reports?
  • Has a stand recording been made of the work and has been confirmed by all parties?
  • If possible, we calculate the value of the work carried out up to the date of bankruptcy?

Intelligent Software

Nowadays, a lot of communication takes place digitally. Appointments, letters, reports of more and less work, complaints about progress or quality of work. A simple project soon has some GBs to TBs of data. Searching through all mail and documents manually is time consuming and you have a high chance of missing information.
With the help of intelligent software, we can support you to “get” the crucial communication “above water”.

Is your contractor going bankrupt and the work is not finished yet?

Even then, we can help you to limit as much damage as possible. We can help you to determine the state of the work, if desired together with you and the curator.
Whether you suffer damage from the bankruptcy, even then it is important to provide a “watertight” substantiation. We can help you calculate, substantiate and present your damage.

Interested? Please feel free to contact us!


Every (project) organization has to deal with purchasing. The purchasing department has a huge influence on the costs but can also save you a lot of costs. That is why it is good to regularly review your purchasing processes. Tresviri has developed the Purchasing Scan that gives you quick insight into the effectiveness of your purchasing department.