Unit Rates

Unit rates

Many contracts are budgeted and estimated based on unit prices or unit rates.

The importance of a good description of the unit prices is essential. If it is clear how the unit price is build up, no discussion will occur. What is in it and what is not?


Extensive experience with norms composition, application and evaluation.

Unit rates

Unit rates can be found in every industry and activity.

Custom norms

Custom norms are built as per client requirement.

We have been making unit rates for over 20 years. For different disciplines. Such as Piping, Mechanical, Painting, Insulation, Electrical and Instrumentation.

These Unit Rates can be used for Cost Estimating programs such as Cleopatra Enterprise, Roser, Excel, DBase etc.

We made a Manhour Normbook for Turnarounds that can be upgraded into a manual for your specific location and circumstances.

We add the norm with percentages for such as:

  • Walking distance
  • Working space
  • Average working height
  • Safety requirements
  • Climate conditions

Interested? You can download an example book here.

If you prefer, we can also add your project/location specific factors to the basic manhours so you have your own data-set. Delivered in Excel or as a PDF booklet.